Vinoteca al Chianti at the Florence Charterhouse
the club card

Dear Sirs,
The Vinoteca al Chianti, in addition to being a well stocked enoteca with more than 3000 different wines both from Italy and from other countries plus spirits and accessories for the service of wine, also distributes the wines in the Selezione Fattorie and Vinoteca catalogues, an important service offered to restaurant owners and for others who are involved professionally in wine.

I have founded a club called AMICI DELLA VINOTECA - Friends of the Vinoteca - with a membership card which offers members a whole series of advantages (including discounts which lighten the financial burden of their passion for wine) and the possibility of participating of tastings.

Vinoteca al Chianti Firenze

Another initiative of the vinoteca:

Vinoteca al Chianti club

Another initiative which I have taken is the creation of I LOCALI AMICI DELLA VINOTECA - a series of restaurants and places where wine is served which we recommend to those who have the membership card of the Vinoteca al Chianti.

I am often asked to recommend a restaurant and would like to create a list of places where I can send my customers with the confidence of satisfying them and making a good impression.

Offer quality, service and wine culture...

All of these cultural and commercial initiatives of the Vinoteca are part of a very precise philosophy, that of offering quality, service, and culture in this wonderful world of wine.

The membership card of the "AMICI DELL VINOTECA" is given, at the discretion of the Vinoteca, to those customers who share and wish to participate in our working philosophy.
I thank you for the attention which you wish to give to the above.
My most cordial best wishes.

Vinoteca al Chianti club