morey-saint-denis 1er cru les millandes


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The 2014 vintage lived through highly different seasons. Following a humid and mild winter, spring brought plenty of sun. June felt a lot like summer that year. Unusually high temperatures were recorded, going as high as 35 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the month. The weather conditions were ideal for the vines to flower. The Côte de Nuits was luckily spared from the hail that damaged a lot of vineyards further south. The summer was unsettled until the middle of August. With September came dry and sunny weather, allowing the grapes to stock up on sugar. With this typical late fall weather in Burgundy, harvesting usually starts around September 20th. The grapes are then ripe and healthy, ready to be picked. These vintage wines have a nice touch of acidity and deliver remarkable purity on the palate. They are perfect illustrations of what each of their terroirs stand for.

Here, the vine stocks yield small, very concentrated grapes. A winemaker's dream. This cuvée is the perfect illustration of the importance of the plant when it comes to wine quality. Dark fruits coulis aromas. Density and harmony both round out the palate. A great pinot noir from Burgandy; complete and deep. A light balsamic aftertaste. Its aging potential, well over a decade, cannot be missed. To pair with tournedos.

Located close to the village of Morey-Saint-Denis, this premier cru is considered the most qualitative of the town. It shares a direct line of descent with its neighbor, Clos Saint Denis.

33 acres

40 years old on average


guy: vino rosso
vine: pinot nero
year: 2014
capacity: 0.75 LT
nation: Francia
region: Borgogna
province: Cote-D-or
place: Chambolle Musigny